Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Facility

As a property manager, you no doubt understand the need for appropriate lighting in your facility.

As a property manager, you no doubt understand the need for appropriate lighting in your facility.

You want something that is efficient, glamorous and of course cost efficient. Today, most people are making a switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED lighting.

We’ll discuss the attributes of both forms of lighting and let you make your choice.


Long Lifespan: This is one of the most notable features of LED lighting. LED lights are known to have long lifespan, typically between 150, 000 – 250, 000 hours of lighting.

Colour options: LED lights typically come in varying colour temperatures and you can choose one that suits your property and desired ambience

Durability: LED lights are very durable and are not easy broken. Hence, they are referred to as Solid State Lighting (SSL)

Direction: LED emits lights in 180 degrees directionality. Therefore, light can be directed to where it is really needed rather than wasting it on all round 360 directions.

Colour rendering: LED lights typically do not wash out colour so it works well for interior displays such as those of retail stores.

Cost: LED lights are very expensive to purchase. They however make up for this in lifespan and durability as you will save on replacement costs.

Energy saving: LED lights save more energy and are capable of outputting up to 135-150 lumens per watt.

Efficiency Drop: As you continue to use your LED light, over time the efficiency will drop over the course of its lifespan till it eventually gives out.


Lifespan: The lifespan of an incandescent bulb is typically short, somewhere between 1,200 -1, 500 hours of lighting.

Colour Options: Incandescent lighting also come with colour options to choose from.

Durability: Incandescent lights are not durable as they are made of filament in a glass bulb and can easily be broken.

Direction: Incandescent lighting emits 360 degrees directionality. This may be bad for focus as the light will unnecessarily sweep across the entire room rather than where it is needed. However, it will be useful in areas such as a general hall where sweeping light is required.

Cost: Incandescent lights are probably the cheapest type of lights on the market. However, because they do not last long and not durable, you might probably find yourself buying 10 bulbs in the time it takes for an LED light to run its course.

Efficiency drop: An incandescent light will run at optimal performance till it eventually dies out.

Energy saving: Incandescent lights emit only about 37-50 lumens per watt.

Obviously, both options have their pros and cons. Depending on the needs of the building you manage, you will need to factor in all points before making a decision for your facility.

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