4 Habits of Effective Real Estate Agents

Effective real estate practitioners operating in Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, or anywhere else in the country, have certain things in common.

Certain… traits.

These habits tend to differentiate them from the average performers. Here a few of such habits:

1. They return calls and emails:

These are agents that get a lead and don’t let it go until the completion of the transaction. Client satisfaction is the number one priority. Effective agents go out of their way to make each client feel important.

2. They possess indepth knowledge of their neighborhood:

Ask about the property market in a neighborhood and the effective agent would tell you what’s on the market, what sold recently, and the overall status of the neighborhood. They are that good.

3. They explain everything they do:

For the effective agent, there are no secrets. Every step leading to the close of a transaction is an open book. When they meet you the first time, they go all out to explain the process, the potential roadblocks, and a few scenarios that could occur. In an industry populated with charlatans looking to take advantage of unsuspecting prospects, such level of openness fosters trust and helps build a mutually beneficial relationship.

4. They understand social media:

For most agents, the idea of social media is to flood your Twitter feed and Facebook Timeline with spammy ads advertising the next big luxury development, but for the effective agent, social media is more than just an advertising platform. It’s a means to entertain, engage and better educate you about things most relevant to the real estate industry.

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